King of Slots

king of slots

The King of Slots online slot game brings you an opportunity to dig back to the roots of online slot machines with this classic layout. It has been jazzed up and upgraded so that it suits our modern times, but the gist of it still remains the same and familiar. Remember the time before all the fancy stuff came out and it was just you against the fruit symbols? Here you can enjoy that simplicity again. King of Slots truly is the royalty of online slot gaming, making it easy for beginners to play and exciting for seasoned players to try their hand.

king of slots


The King of Slots game is built of 5 separate reels with 3 rows and 25 fixed bet lines. The bet level and the coin value can be adjusted, with the bet level ranging from 1 to 10 and the coin level ranging from €0.01 to €1.00. The minimum value to play is €0.02 whereas the maximum is €0.50. Players should be on the lookout for exciting bonus rounds, Wild symbols and scatter symbols that can all contribute into creating a fun and thrilling experience as well as increasing the jackpot.

This slot machine game is fairly simple to play. Winning combinations are formed by identical symbols on the line. The sound effects are very retro, adding a touch of vintage to the gameplay. However, the symbols are all glistening with bling. You can look forward to special symbols such as sparkling cherries, watermelon and citrus wedges, as well as crows and other jewels. Symbols with lesser value include the 10, J, Q, K and A.

Wild Symbols

During the main game the Wild Symbols are all depicted as a blue gemstone and can appear randomly anywhere on the reels. These symbols will substitute any symbols, except for the scatter symbols, in order to help you create winning combinations faster.

Win Line Re-spins

All 15 of the symbols on the reels act like they were spinning on separate reels during a game in a round. Whenever a bet line is formed, the symbols of the winning combination will stick to their positions in the reel while a re-spin follows. As long as new winning bet lines keep appearing after a re-spin, a new one will be triggered.

Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols are depicted as 3 pink diamonds. If 3 or more of these symbols appear anywhere on the reels simultaneously after a spin, the Free spin mode with 10 free spins will be activated.

Free Spins and Multipliers

Free Spins are activated by 3 or more scatter symbols in view. If 3 or more scatter symbols appear during the free spin mode, 10 extra free spins are awarded. All the winnings from free spins receive a 3x multiplier.

Lucky Leprechaun Slot

There is no greater symbol of luck and fortune than leprechauns and their pots of gold. For centuries people have toyed with the idea of unquestionable wealth at the end of rainbows, fantasizing over how great it would be to gain those riches through a bit of good luck. Of course we know that a pot of gold isn’t waiting for us after every rain shower, but the novelty of the idea is still so much fun to entertain, and that’s why Casino Kings created the Lucky Leprechaun Online Slot. For Irish charm and the potential of real wealth, we recommend the Lucky Leprechaun Slot to every player.

Lucky Leprechaun – The Game of Irish Luck

Any game designed to have an Irish feel, and moreover, named for a leprechaun, should have all sorts of aesthetic touches that bring the charm to life. This is fairly evident right from the get-go, because entering the game world subjects you to an enthusiastic (yet slightly difficult to decipher) greeting from our leprechaun friend. At least we know he’s speaking authentic Irish, because even as the greeting changes every time you play, it gets no easier to comprehend, though we love hearing it anyway. We also get some lovely, fiddle-played background music as we play, complete with on the spin fiddle notes and magical sparkles that follow our cursor around. It certainly has the feel of a Lucky Leprechaun about it, that’s for sure.

Lucky Leprechaun Slot

The slots themselves are played intentionally old school, with five reels and twenty pay lines, complete with the necessary quintessential Irish symbols we’d expect from this game: the fiddle that’s probably playing the music, the stout beer we all know and love, a relaxing pipe, and the leprechaun himself.

Lucky Leprechaun Features

While the pleasant Irish aesthetic and atmosphere is certainly a welcome twist on slots as a whole, in the end what we’re really interested in is the features: the bonuses, the boons, and that potential for hitting it big. With the free spins feature, hitting that jackpot gets much easier. Anytime you land a scattered shamrock on reel five, our dear leprechaun friend becomes a Wild, and you get five free spins with a two times multiplier. If you land a shamrock during that, you’ll get even more free spins and an increased multiplier.

But the true jackpot is the Trail O’ Fortune Bonus, which is triggered when the player lands three, four or five Gold Pot Bonus Scatters, including incremental multipliers. With a whole lot of luck, this bonus could pay out a thousand times the bet you put in: certainly nothing to sneeze at.

Sure, there are a lot of fancy slot games out there, but sometimes simple yet charming is just as good, if not better. Lucky Leprechaun is simple, but in a rustic, intentional way that is a throwback to the classic days. With fun music and entertaining aesthetic appeal, it really is one of the best slot games out there for a unique and profitable experience.

Three Reasons To Play A Rainbow Riches Slot Machine Game

People have been playing and enjoying slot machines for a very long time. These machines have long been a favor of gamblers. However, not all slot machines offer the same kind of experience.

If you want to play a slot machine game that you will be able to get a lot of enjoyment out of, you should try playing Rainbow Riches! This slot machine game has a massive base of fans. Once you play it yourself, you’ll see why people are so devoted to it.

There Are A Lot Of Ways To Win

Some slot games can be difficult to win. It feels like the game is actively working against the people that play them. This game gives you a lot of ways to win, which means that getting a winning combo is a lot simpler.

There are 18 different winning combinations in Rainbow Riches, and there are 10 different paylines. Your chances of winning are actually very high.

You Can Play This Game Online

While a lot of the people that played this game played it in a pub, that isn’t the only place that you can try it out in. You can now play this game online.

It’s amazing to get the slot machine experience in the comfort of your own home. If you have always liked these kinds of games, but you don’t want to go out and gamble, you should test this title out.

You Can Play For Free

You don’t necessarily have to pay to play this game. It’s possible to play it for free. If you’re tight on funds, you can still enjoy this amazing game.

Obviously, there are a lot of reasons to play a Rainbow Riches slot machine game. If you aren’t playing these games right now, then you should test it out.

Finding Good Online Casino Sites

Casino sites are everywhere because a lot of people are playing them. The hype actually started a few years ago when people started looking for alternatives when they cannot go to casinos anymore because of different reasons. Some of these online casinos started with social media platforms when. This was actually very beneficial since they can play with their friends. However, there are obvious setbacks. They cannot bet real money and the games are very limited. This makes it feel a lot less like casinos and more like an imitation. The good news is that there are now separate platforms for these kinds of games and they focus on real casino games.


There are many websites out there offering these kinds of games. One thing that you should remember is that these sites have their own rules and regulations. You have to know these things in order to avoid misunderstandings in the future. This can also save you some money in some other cases. There are also different kinds of features being offered. Some have higher jackpots, some have lower. Some have more bonuses and some have different kinds of marketing strategies which can earn you some bonuses. Going after these kinds of things can really help your money grow in the games.


You would have to remember to be secure. You have to check out good and secure sites like rainbow riches pick ‘n’ mix. These sites are legitimate and will work really hard to keep your money safe. They also have good platforms which are totally random leaving every win and every loss to your luck. You can find out if these sites are legitimate by reading reviews about it in the internet. You have to check reviews written outside the site to make sure. You should also check out other review sites for comparison. This will give you a good playing experience with all the thrill and the risk you are looking for.

Casino Slot Machines with Jackpot

Casino games have been the entertainment of people for a really long time. A lot of people have spent a lot of nights in casinos both to have fun and have a chance to win large amounts of money. A lot of these people succeed, and there are those who are not so lucky. It is a risk after all. But we can all agree that it was all worth it. The problem today is that there are very few casinos which are being filled with people, and there are a very few number of people who have the time to go there. This is where the internet comes in.


People are really smart. They have invented a lot of things and they have digitized the things that we have all used in the past. The good news is that this also applies in casinos. A lot of casino games in the past are now digitized. This means that people can play casino games even if they don’t have the time to actually go to real casinos. On top of that, they can earn real money. Of course, they can also lose money but that is all part of the entertainment. All they have to do is to sign up and register some money for their startup games.


One of the most played games in these digitized casinos are slot machines. Usually, people can earn up to 200,000 pounds just like in free play rainbow riches. You wouldn’t have to worry because the site will always have the instructions and the mechanics on the screens. They can learn this easily as long as they have the basic idea on how to play the real casino games. They can also try other games like poker and others. Some of the features can match you with a real person instead of a bot. You can also check other sites which can offer the feature you are looking for.